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japanese teas

pu-erh teas

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Japanese teas

Steeped in tradition and innovation, Japan produces some of the finest teas on the planet. Discover the world of small-scale farming and dedicated growers, one garden at a time.


Selected with care

From award-winning productions to rare regional specialties, Japanese tea offers an incredible range of styles and flavours to your tastebuds.

From the cave

A collection of aged teas from different styles and eras. Classic pu-erh productions (including factory teas) standing alongside rarer and more artisanal productions. But it's only the best.

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Elevate your ritual

Handmade and unique

Ceramic teaware from world-class artists

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Anton Filonov

Makiko Hicher-Nakamura

Daniel Gingras

Josiane Védrine

Tradition & Craftmanship

Yoshida-san makes no compromises on the quality of his matcha. From his gardens in Ogura area (Uji, Kyoto), he produces some of the finest teas in Japan.

Limited editions

barrel-aged teas and other hand crafted gems

a different taste

Sunday morning reads

Tea articles, producers portraits, interviews with clay artists and so on. For anything tea and ceramic related, it's this way.