Matcha Gokō

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Matcha from Ogura area in Uji, Gokō cultivar.

I never thought I’d like a machine harvested matcha so much. Normally, “small-scale” and “high-end” matcha tend to rhyme with hand-picked and traditional straw roof shading productions. But when a tea tasting this good shows up at this price point, I just can’t let it pass.

Each bowl is filled with rich aromatics (fresh greens, sweet chestnut, cocoa powder) and a soft briskness that will make it your morning favourite. Despite being harvested by machine and grown under direct synthetic shades, Yoshida-san’s Gokō matcha was never destined for mass-markets.

30 g per tin.

The Geek Stuff

cultivar: Gokō
origin: Ogura, Uji city, Kyoto prefecture
type of shading: direct shading
shading: 32 days
picking: mechanical
harvest: 2nd June 2022
Recommended preparation: usucha