erosion - 1997 Big Red Mark (Da Hong Yin)

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Like a skeletal coastline patiently carved by the sea, Erosion is a finely aged sheng pu-erh tea from 1997 that reveals deeper and deeper mineral layers with each steeping.

Branded as Big Red Mark (Da Hong Yin) for its taste resemblance with the original late '50s recipe (and the opportunity for sellers to make an extra buck), this sheng pu-erh tea has hopped from one collector's cave to another before landing here in Canada. First stored in Hong Kong after production, it was then shipped to Malaysia, and then brought back to Hong Kong and Kunming until finally sent overseas in 2015. All in all, this migration between traditional styles of storage nicely suited its mellow profile.

Soft and warming, Erosion bears the deep earthy aromas of finely aged sheng pu-erh. Beetroots, wet soil, petrichor… every sip is soothingly pleasant. Most impressive though is the strong mineral backbone excavated from this organic matter by a long storage and fermentation process. Each steeping digs through the earthy flavors to expose its rocky foundation, a deep granite-like taste bringing both clarity and structure to the brew. To be enjoyed slowly, with presence.

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