Matcha Uji Hikari

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A super high-grade, single cultivar matcha from Yoshida-san’s gardens in Ogura area (Uji city).

A true delicacy, this matcha has almost no bitterness and presents the roundest, softest umami taste I’ve experienced. Aromas unfold like a slow and harmonious melody, moving from fresh cut grass to wakame and other light seaweeds, finishing on ground chestnuts flavors. It’s so silky smooth it feels like drinking from a mountain stream.

Made from the emblematic Uji Hikari cultivar (Uji City’s trademark tea plant), this tea has everything you’d expect from a high-grade matcha and is suitable for both usucha and koicha preparation.

20 g per tin.

The Geek Stuff

cultivar: Uji Hikari
origin: Ogura, Uji city, Kyoto prefecture
type of shading: direct shading
shading: 35 days
picking: hand-picked
harvest: 15th May 2022
Recommended preparation: koicha and usucha