worm hands - 2004 Langhe Tea Factory (Gong Ting)

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Earthy, muddy, and downright dirty, this 2004 shou pu-erh was barely out of the factory when it was carried to the West and put in dry storage. 15 years of fresh air turned the swampy post-fermentation smell into something cleaner, livelier. Something that resembles a handful of worms freshly dug from the garden.

The material here is Gong Ting grade (or very high grade) from Langhe Tea Factory. This means the tea was made from fine harvests with a high bud-to-leaves ratio. The Langhe Tea Factory is known to produce lightly fermented shou pu-erh with very good aging potential. The important quantity of buds in the mix means one can expect a silky smooth brew with a soft mouthfeel and next to no bitterness. And so WORM HANDS steeps like a charm. Short, long, or average steeping, everything works fine.

Most of the tea’s aromatic profile leans on the earthy, familiar notes of shou pu-erh. You know the drill. Garden soil, petrichor, barn wood, dried fruits and figs, a hint of licorice and tobacco… all in all, the tea is complex, well balanced, and rests on the sweeter side of the spectrum. Easy to drink and enjoy.

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