(Limited) 1998 FengQing TF

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1998 FengQing Tea Factory sheng pu-erh.

This one's from my personal collection. I put it out on the website to celebrate the end of 2023. I've only got one cake of this. 

I remember when I bought this tea how intense I though the profile was. It was an aromatic beast with a little too much aggression to be fully enjoyable. And it would stir me up like no other. So I though a little mellowing would do it good. And it did. This is, to my taste, very nicely balanced. The tea has mellowed beautifully. Bold aromatics but softer on the palate, with clear exotic wood fragrances and a lingering sweetness in the back of the mouth. The overall sensation is warming.

Only a couple of samples available. Try it with friends if you can.