landslide - 2000 Bulang Shan

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A true force of nature, Landslide is a twenty years old sheng pu-erh tea from the Bulang mountains that shapes and reshapes your sensory landscape, leaving nothing standing in its path but an echoing silence.

The Bulang area is known to produce bold profiled teas that mellow beautifully with age. This is in part due to some of the local tree varietals named "bitter trees". Bulang "bitter" leaf material (Ku Cha) has this distinctive wild (almost animal) taste that rushes down your gut and shakes your body like no other. And while the "bitter" aromatics of this tea greatly subsided with time, aging has not taken anything away from its presence. Its strong effect is felt from the fore-mouth to long, long after sipping. Not only will you find it invigorating, but the taste itself leaves behind a palpable sensation of warmth in the mouth, something we like to call the "dragon breath".

On a more sensory note, expect to find bold aromatics, a burst in the mouth that brings exotic wood scents (agarwood, sandalwood) to an almost spice-like sensation, fading in a reverberating camphoric echo. Twenty years of dry-aging barely started to tame this beast.

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