Sencha Ritual

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hand-picked sencha futsumushi from Kawane, Yabukita cultivar.

Like prayers or mantras repeated a thousand times, Ritual is a high mountain sencha from Kawane that lingers in the mind long after it dissipates from the mouth.

Light, fresh and perfectly balanced, this tea was harvest by hand from an unpruned tea garden (shizen-shitate) at 600m in altitude. In my mind, this should be the staple both in terms of culture and taste for Shizuoka teas.

Delicately herbal with pastries and marzipan under layers, this tea gently lights your taste buds with elegant umami. Long trailing floral scents like those of a wild meadow linger for a time after each sip.

The Geek Stuff

cultivar: Yabukita
origin: Orokubo, Kawane district, Shizuoka prefecture
steaming: 20 sec - futsumushi
hiire: light
shading: none
picking: hand-picked
harvest: 03 May