Sencha Tradition

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sencha futsumushi from Kawane, Zairai variety.

Densely aromatic and complex, this sencha is made in the old style by the expert hand of Tsuchiya-san. 

The term zairai (在来, meaning native) is used to identify tea trees grown from seeds rather than cuttings of other trees. In the past, growing trees from seeds used to be the agricultural norm. But this type of practice is all but extinct nowadays. The vast majority of tea gardens in Japan are planted with cloned cultivars, often developed and produced in research centers.

Zairai teas, because they are grown from seeds (with each individual possessing a unique genetic code), tend to show much more complexity in their taste profile than the sharp clarity of cloned cultivars. Their aromas and mouthfeel present many subtle nuances, often absent from their clonal counterparts. Even the gardens where zairai trees grow presents more variations and has a less uniform look to it. 

The Geek Stuff

cultivar: zairai
origin: Orokubo, Kawane district, Shizuoka prefecture
steaming: 35 sec - futsumushi
hiire: medium
shading: none
picking: mechanical
harvest: 16 May