Sencha Meadow

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Sencha futsumushi from Uji, Meiryoku cultivar

A clear favourite of mine this year. Yoshida-san once again outdid himself with this perfectly balanced sencha, boasting one of the most interesting texture I've experienced. When I read Yoshida-san's name on the parcel, I immediately knew the tea it contained would be delicious. And the sight of those long unbroken needles, crafted with care and expertise, made it unambiguous.

While known to produce perhaps the best shaded teas in all of Japan (gyokuro, kabusecha, matcha), the Uji area also produces tremendous sencha that often fly under the radar. This particular one has been crafted from a local cultivar, the Meiryoku, harvested from a single garden and unblended whatsoever. It's aromatic palette ranges from citrus to delicate flowers, mostly leaning on the "fresh greens" side of things. I found notes of shoots and leafy greens in many nuances (spinach, fiddleheads, pea shoots) with a slightly lemony aftertaste that later turned floral. For the intensity of the aromas, the softness of the tannins is surprising. The tea can be oversteeped and is very forgiving.

The Geek Stuff

cultivar: Meiryoku
origin: Ogura, Uji city, Kyoto prefecture
steaming: short - asamushi
hiire: light
shading: 5 days
picking: mechanical
harvest: 29th April 2023