Sencha (4) 2023

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Four shincha (new teas) from different areas in Japan. As fresh as it gets. Classic and not-so-classic picks. This gives you a great overview of what I found this year.



Sencha futsumushi from Uji, Meiryoku cultivar

A clear favourite of mine this year. Yoshida-san once again outdid himself with this perfectly balanced sencha, boasting one of the most interesting texture I've experienced. 



Sencha futsumushi from Sakawa, Yabukita cultivar.

Classic unshaded Yabukita sencha, very straight and bright. A style that's unfortunately old-fashioned now, with shaded sencha trending everywhere. 



Sencha futsumushi from Niyodogawa, Yabukita cultivar.

Very pleasant sencha from a small cooperative of farmers (8 families) in Ikegawa on Shikoku island. This is the type of project I'd support any day all day.



Hand-picked sencha futsumushi from Kawane, Yabukita cultivar.

Light, fresh and perfectly balanced, this tea was harvest by hand from an unpruned tea garden (shizen-shitate) at 600m in altitude. In my mind, this should be the staple both in terms of culture and taste for Shizuoka teas.