sapwood - 2004 Xiaguan Tea Factory (Te Ji tuocha)

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2003 sheng pu-erh from Xiaguan Tea Factory, Te Ji grade.
100g tuocha

If you've been following me on social media, you know how long I've been looking for something like this. Quite ironically, one might say, since there's so much of it on the market. Finding the right storage quality at the right price proved harder than anticipated but at last, here it is: the first Xiaguan product on the website.

Most Xiaguan teas (especially older ones) have this "punch you in the teeth" signature profile. Their bold aromatics and aggressive tannins are hard to digest at first but when skillfully mellowed through storage, they turn into magnificent beasts.  This particular batch of tuochas has seen nothing but traditional Taiwanese storage.  It has retained most of its character and shows pleasantly mellowed aromas. Old leather, wood resin, pencil shavings... 

The Te Ji grade is the highest of Xiaguan's tuocha line (above Jia Ji and Yi Ji). It presents more complexity and, in my opinion, ages the best.

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sapwood 2003 sheng pu-erh xiaguan te ji tuocha