Kamairicha Pilgrim

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Kamairicha from Ureshino, Yabukita cultivar

Kamairicha stands out as the only Japanese green tea that doesn’t use steam as a source of heat to prevent oxidation. Instead, it uses big iron pans to fire the leaves “à la Chinoise”, giving them a very mellow taste with low astringency.

Depending on how hot the pans are and how long the leaves are fired for, kamairicha can present a wide range of aromas. Expertly using the heat of his gas-fired pans, Tokunaga-san’s kamairicha leans on the slightly greener side of the spectrum. Meaning a very mellow taste with dominant nori aromas (roasted seaweed), zucchinis and sweet peas under layers, and a subtle floral finish to round it up. Low bitterness and astringency make his Kamairicha a real easy brew anyone can enjoy.

The Geek Stuff

cultivar: Yabukita
origin: Ureshino, Saga prefecture, Kyushu Island
heating: pan fired (gas)
hiire: none
shading: none
picking: mechanical
harvest: 28th April 2024