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5 matcha teas offered in a discounted bundle !


 Matcha YOSHIDA - 30g

Matcha from Ogura area in Uji, Yabukita and Samidori cultivars.
It's bright green with a silky smooth feeling and very delicate flavors. Barely any bitterness in there. Perfectly suited for a daily latte. 

 Matcha GOKO - 30g

Matcha from Ogura area in Uji, Gokō cultivar.
I never thought I’d like a machine harvested matcha so much. Each bowl is filled with rich aromatics (fresh greens, sweet chestnut, cocoa powder) and a soft briskness that will make it your morning favourite.


 Matcha UJI HIKARI - 20g

A super high-grade, single cultivar matcha from Yoshida-san’s gardens in Ogura area (Uji city).
A true delicacy, this matcha has almost no bitterness and presents the roundest, softest umami taste I’ve experienced. 

 Matcha YAMENOTSUYU - 20g

High-grade blend from this year's first harvests only leaves (ichi ban cha) in Yame region. This is a flagship of Yame matcha: round, creamy and sweet. Soft aromatics with notes of dark chocolate and greens.


 Matcha SEIJYU - 20g

A super high-grade matcha made with the top leaves from Hoshinoen's yearly competition.
Limited quantity, very difficult to get my hands on. This is the ultimate "Yame matcha" experience.