Gyokuro Yoshida

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Yoshida-san’s finest Gyokuro from Ogura area in Uji, Uji Hikari cultivar

Certainly one of the best Gyokuro I’ve ever laid my lips on. Grown with care under traditional straw roof and shaded for 40 days, harvested once a year by hand, this is what dedication to the leaf tastes like. You want rich umami and complex aromatics? You got it. You want delicacy and fine tasting experience? You got it as well.

Made from the emblematic Uji Hikari cultivar (Uji City’s trademark tea plant), this tea has everything you’d expect from a high-grade Gyokuro: deep aromas of buttery seaweed; vibrant fresh greens throughout the session; a thin moss-like layer of minerality piercing through the thick umami taste… everything is so smooth, you can even brew it shizuku style with barely any water and a few minutes steeping without grimacing at all when the bold umami kicks you in the teeth.

The Geek Stuff

cultivar: Uji Hikari
origin: Ogura, Uji city, Kyoto prefecture
type of shading: straw roof
shading: 40 days
picking: hand-picked
harvest: 5th May 2022