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GINGERBERRY is the sixth release of this special series; a Dancong oolong (Qi Lan Xiang cultivar - two roasts) aged for just over two months in a sherry seasoned oak barrel. 

Usually, when I do barrel-aged teas, I tend to leave them in maturation for quite a long period of time. Three months or more (I've aged some Shou Mei for over a year in barrels). After three months, the cask's seasoning starts showing a strong influence on the tea's aromatic profile. This time though, I shortened the maturation a bit to try and produce something more balanced, something that wasn't just interesting but also highly drinkable. Gingerberry reached that point with just over two months spent in wood.

Qi Lan Xiang oolongs are known for their highly aromatic profiles and floral fragrances (Qi Lan Xiang translates as "Rare Orchid Fragrance"). While still present in the first few cups, these floral aromatics have been subdued during maturation by a mixture of dried and candied fruits fragrances, with rich spicy undertones that trail on for a very long time in the aftertaste. After a couple of steepings, the impression I was left with was that of dried berries and candied ginger. Quite a fun experience.

4 g per pouch

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