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Japanese green tea with roasted rice grains, Yabukita cultivar.

Genmaicha means “rice tea”, or tea with rice. Traditionally, farmers would add roasted rice grains to their tea in the fall to help it preserve fragrance over winter and make it a more comforting brew during the cold months. The tea used for genmaicha is either bancha or sencha, to which is added the roasted rice grains. Our genmaicha is made using a late spring harvest sencha (early June), which is considered better than summer or fall harvests.

Genmaicha usually serves as a daily inexpensive drink that’s easy to steep and enjoy. Nonetheless, there are variations in quality from one genmaicha to another. This one stands in the upper brackets of the style and, honestly, I wasn’t much of a genmaicha drinker myself until I tasted it. Even more, I never planned on selling genmaicha in this store before this specific tea fell into my hands. I was seduced by how well the warm and comforting roasted rice grains aromas blend with the vibrant green taste of Kagoshima sencha. And if you’re not too sensitive to caffeine, this could even become your evening brew.

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