Pu-erh tea

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An overview of Yunnan's most iconic productions. The set presents teas from different origins and different processing methods to help better understand what pu-erh tea is.


HERDS - 2004 sheng pu-erh from Da Xue Shan (Mengku).

Artisanal type of production, the gardens and the tiny transforming facilities all belong to a single family in the village. They make tea in small-batches, often without the use of any modern equipment. 


SAPWOOD - 2004 sheng pu-erh from Xiaguan Tea Factory.

Xiaguan is one of the largest tea factory in Yunnan and their production somewhat acts as standards in the industry. This particular tea has been produced in 2004 and kept in taiwanese traditional storage since then.  For a lack of better words, I would say this is a true classic


WORM HANDS - 2004 shu pu-erh from Langhe Tea Factory

During their production, shu pu-erh teas are piled up in warehouses to accelerate their fermentation. In a matter of weeks, a skilled producer can turn a fresh leaf into something that looks and taste like very old tea. Shu pu-erh have earthy aromas (garden soil, petrichor, barn wood...) and are very soothing.