Japanese tea (4)

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If you don't know where to begin with Japanese tea, start here. Or if you're simply looking to gauge the quality of teas I can come up with, also start here. 

A set of four (4) teas and a wide overview of what's being made today in Japan. Sencha, Genmaicha and Hōjicha are the most popular teas throughout the country while Wakocha (black tea) used to be the economical backbone of tea production (right after occupation), then fell out of favor and is now gaining interest again.



Loose leaf green tea from Shizuoka, Yabukita cultivar.

Sencha is Japanese green tea in it's simplest form. Pure leaf, simple transformation and nothing added. This one has very mellow aromatics and low bitterness. Aromas are clean and comforting, with notes of sautéed greens, pine needles and citruses.



Japanese green tea with roasted rice grains, Yabukita cultivar.

The warm and comforting roasted rice grains aromas blend in perfectly with the vibrant green taste of Kagoshima sencha.



Japanese roasted tea made from leaves and stems, Yabukita cultivar.

Roasting is neither light nor heavy, giving the tea a rich and nutty taste with sweet caramelized aromas and medium body. It easily brews a comforting cup that’s pleasing to drink at any time of day.



Japanese black tea, Yabukita cultivar.

Highly aromatic with extremely low bitterness, this tea is malty, fruity, and surprisingly sweet. Nothing like the teabags you got served as a kid...