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The complete 2024 shincha collection: all of this year's fresh spring teas bundled up together in a single package for you.



sencha futsumushi from Niyodogawa, Yabukita cultivar.

Very pleasant sencha from a small cooperative of farmers (8 families) in Ikegawa on Shikoku island. This is the type of project I'd support any day all day.



kabusecha futsumushi from Niyodogawa, Yabukita cultivar.

Superb profile, full aromas with a lighter taste, rather sweet than bitter or astringent. Delicate umami to round things up. 



sencha futsumushi from Sakawa, Sōfū cultivar.

Unshaded sencha made from the sōfū cultivar, an "inzatsu" type cultivar. Strong floral aromatics linger in the mouth with notes of jasmine, wildflowers, and white grapes. 



sencha futsumushi from Sakawa, Yabukita cultivar.

Classic unshaded Yabukita sencha, very straight and bright. A style that's unfortunately old-fashioned now, with shaded sencha trending everywhere.  



sencha futsumushi from Kawane, Zairai variety.

Densely aromatic and complex, this sencha is made in the old style by the expert hand of Tsuchiya-san. The term zairai (在来, meaning native) is used to identify tea trees grown from seeds rather than cuttings of other trees.



Hand-picked sencha futsumushi from Kawane, Yabukita cultivar.

Light, fresh and perfectly balanced, this tea was harvest by hand from an unpruned tea garden (shizen-shitate) at 600m in altitude. In my mind, this should be the staple both in terms of culture and taste for Shizuoka teas.



Tamaryokucha from Ureshino, Saemidori cultivar

10 days of shading gave the plants a little kabusecha-like twist, with moderate umami and fewer tannins. Expect a buttery cup with rich marine notes and green veggies to boot. 



Kamairicha from Ureshino, Yabukita cultivar

Mellow taste with dominant nori aromas (roasted seaweed), zucchinis and sweet peas under layers, and a subtle floral finish to round it up.