Sencha Clarity

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Sencha futsumushi from Kagoshima, Asanoka cultivar

Made from the more and more popular Asanoka cultivar, CLARITY shines as this year's most promising shincha. Light, refreshing, and highly aromatic, these beautiful long needles steep a cup filled with floral extravaganza and practically void of astringency.

Just looking at the material, it’s hard to believe this tea comes from Kagoshima. Long elegant needles aren’t typical in this region where broken, harshly steamed sencha dominate the landscape. Eight days of shading really helped in giving it this lustrous shine and deep colour. Also, I was very surprised it didn’t fetch a higher price. Nonetheless, the infusion is just as elegant as the leaves themselves, clean, pure and refreshing. A true spring delicacy.

The Geek Stuff

cultivar: Asanoka
origin: Makinozo, Kirishima, Kagoshima prefecture
steaming: regular - futsumushi
hiire: light
shading: 8 days
picking: mechanical
harvest: 20th April 2022