Sencha Temptation

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Sencha fukamushi from Kagoshima, CA278 cultivar

Can’t describe this sencha without mentioning first the uncommon CA278 it is made of because CA278 is still new and not widely grown, and because it’s also one of the most intensely fragrant cultivars I’ve ever encountered.

The second I opened the sample bag, I knew this one would be part of our 2021 line-up. Before I even had a sip, I was stunned by how tasty its fragrances were. Custard cream, apple crumble, citrus zest... just smelling the leaves made me salivate. And yet, the tea as a whole lacked nothing in the “green and vibrant” department. Long steaming process and unshaded trees mean TEMPTATION’s profile is still dominantly grassy, with loads of green vegetables and seaweed notes for comparison. It brews a magnificent emerald cup loaded with aromatics yet only delicately astringent. The first cup is literally halfway between drinking grass and eating desert...

So, yeah, this year’s top discovery comes from Ei city, in Kagoshima.

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