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If you don't know where to begin with Japanese tea, start here. Or if you're simply looking to gauge the quality of teas I can come up with, also start here. 

A set of 6 Japanese green teas from various styles, regions and cultivars across Japan, each one with a distinctive flavour profile.



Hand-picked sencha futsumushi from Sayama, Yume-Wakaba cultivar.

Its cultivar, the Yume-Wakaba, is not so popular even in Sayama, its region of origin. Yet, when lightly steamed, it boasts delicate fruity aromas (apricots, clementine) that give great depth to its fresh green taste.



Sencha fukamushi from Kagoshima, CA278 cultivar.

Before I even had a sip, I was stunned by how tasty this tea's fragrances were. Custard cream, apple crumble, citrus zest... just smelling the leaves made me salivate.



Kamairicha from Ureshino, Yabukita cultivar.

Kamairicha stands out as the only Japanese green tea that doesn’t use steam as a source of heat to prevent oxidation. Instead, it uses big iron pans to fire the leaves “à la Chinoise”, giving them a very mellow taste with low astringency.



Tamaryokucha from Ureshino, Saemidori cultivar.

Tamaryokucha has less sharpness and clarity than sencha, but a richer and rounder profile overall. Expect a buttery cup with rich marine notes and green veggies to boot. 



Japanese green tea with roasted rice grains, Yabukita cultivar.

The warm and comforting roasted rice grains aromas blend in perfectly with the vibrant green taste of Kagoshima sencha.



Japanese roasted tea made from leaves and stems, Yabukita cultivar.

Roasting is neither light nor heavy, giving the tea a rich and nutty taste with sweet caramelized aromas and medium body. It easily brews a comforting cup that’s pleasing to drink at any time of day.