Pink Shino Chawan

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Wheel thrown, woodfired stoneware.

Artist: Daniel Gingras

Origin: Frelighsburg, Canada

Materials: pink shino glaze, dark slip on pale clay.

Capacity: 130 ml

Dimensions: Ø 9 cm     ↑ 6,5 cm

Woodfired pots have their final colors, patterns, and textures ultimately dictated by the fire's will. Where the flames hit their surface, where the flying ashes land and meltdown, wonderful accidents can happen. Here and there, amongst the broken pieces knocked down by the stoked logs fueling the kiln, or those fused to their shelves by excessive heat and ashes, a few gems emerge that make all this trouble worthwhile. This special chawan is one of those gems. The pink gradient of this shino glaze is a rare sight, a blessing bestowed by the flames when the kiln reaches very specific firing conditions.    

This chawan comes in a wooden box signed by the artist.