Sencha Lotus

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Sencha asamushi from Fujieda, Fuji-kaori cultivar

Fujieda City is prime location for growing tea. The area is perched on a difficult slope surrounded by fog in the morning and evening which creates large swings in temperature.

I bought this tea because I just couldn't resist it. I mean, I’ve always had a weak spot for floral senchas and boy oh boy is this one floral. The Fuji-kaori cultivar itself was bred for fragrance (rather than, say, colour or texture or yield or resilience or...) and when grown under full sunlight (no shading) and lightly steamed like that, things get reaaally interesting. Feels like steeping a bouquet of jasmine, lilies, lilacs and other pretty flowers.

This being said, the tea’s not all fragrances. There’s quite a body to it despite the very light steaming and the cup shows a little more than average astringency. The aromas stick to your taste buds enough to last until the next steeping.

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Lotus sencha asamushi from Fujieda, Fuji-Kaori cultivar - geek stuff