Sencha Chants

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Hand-picked sencha futsumushi from Sayama, Yume-Wakaba cultivar.

Chants is an exceptional sencha from Sayama that breezes over your mind and digs into your senses, like voices united in the morning prayers or sowing the fields.

Its cultivar, the Yume-Wakaba, is not so popular even in Sayama, its region of origin. Yet, when lightly steamed, it boasts delicate fruity aromas (apricots, clementine) that give great depth to its fresh green taste. A real treat.

Its long unbroken leaves brew a grassy cup with a soft kick, leaning on asparagus, fiddleheads and other sautéed greens for flavors. Garden-like aromas fill the mouth each sip until you’re left with nothing more than a zesty, lightly brisk after-taste.

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