Sencha Bells

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sencha fukamushi from Sashima, Tsuyu-Hikari cultivar.

A deep ring, an echoing sound coming from some abyssal distance, Bells sencha rises from the depths of Sashima to reach your thirsty soul.

Very popular among producers of shaded teas (kabusecha, gyokuro), the Tsuyu-Hikari cultivar gives dark emerald leaves and a vibrant green cup. Presented here in a deeply steamed and unshaded sencha version, its sea-like aromas will carry you straight back to the briny shores of Japan.

Intensely fragrant, Bells reverberates with notes of seashells, buttery greens and kombu dashi (seaweed broth). In the under layers, a fresh taste like watermelon skin awaits you. Rich with umami, it leaves in the mouth a long-lasting impression that will keep you diving for more.

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