Set of 3 – Shou pu-erh

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A set of 3 shou pu-erh teas, all aged in dry storage for a delicious overview of this iconic tea family. Fermented teas at their best.



Quite the unusual shou pu-erh : earthy profile with a very dominant dark chocolate aroma. Rich and smooth, it brings back souvenirs of a muddy childhood along with the sweet taste of hot cocoa on your lips.


Earthy, muddy, and downright dirty, this 2004 shou pu-erh was barely out of the factory when it was carried to the West and put in dry storage. All in all, the tea is complex, well balanced, and rests on the sweeter side of the spectrum. Easy to drink and enjoy.


This beauty of a pu-erh tea was produced by Langhe Tea Factory in 1999. To be fair, this is probably one of the smoothest shou you’ll ever have. It’s light, sweet, fruity, clean, and very nice on the stomach.