Set of 4 - Sheng pu-erh

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A set of 4 sheng pu-erh teas each aged in its own style to express the best of Yunnan's world-famous terroirs.



Like a skeletal coastline patiently carved by the sea, Erosion is a finely aged sheng pu-erh tea from 1997 that reveals deeper and deeper mineral layers with each steeping.


A true force of nature, Landslide is a twenty years old sheng pu-erh tea from the Bulang mountains that shapes and reshapes your sensory landscape, leaving nothing standing in its path but an echoing silence.


A 2005 semi-aged sheng pu-erh tea from the Mengsong mountains, Sediments marks the slow turning of organic matter into mineral strata.


Our 2007 Undergrowth pu-erh tea blends in the forest’s shade with the moss covered tree roots and the decaying floor always springing new shoots.  


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